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Some Advice to California Legislature on Balancing the Budget

We the People of California

We the People of California

Balance our priorities,
balance the scales of justice

Dear ACLU Friend,

Forty years ago last week, Richard Nixon declared war — on
drugs. This war has had no effect on the supply or demand for drugs. But it has
made the United States the world leader in incarceration, and tipped California’s
spending priorities toward prisons
and away from public universities.

Last month, the United States Supreme Court ruled
that extreme overcrowding has brought California prisons to a “breaking point,”
characterized by “needless suffering and death.” The Court has spoken, declaring
that California must reduce its prison
population by approximately 33,000 people over two years.

Now it’s your turn to speak.

The ACLU of California is launching a
petition campaign to focus our political leaders’ attention on the need for
sentencing reform. Please sign and share the
petition with your friends

Nearly 8,500 people are currently locked up with felony sentences in
California for non-violent low level offenses – like possessing a small amount
of drugs for personal use – at a cost to taxpayers of over $442 million per

We can save money and keep our communities safe by reserving felony sentences
for serious crimes.

Thank you for joining the ACLU in calling on the Governor and our legislators
to cut wasteful spending in the prison system.

Clarissa_Woo_headshot Thanks for all that you do,
Clarissa Woo
Director of Policy


Join ACLUThe ACLU was founded to defend and secure the rights granted

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