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NACA is Back: Loan Modifications Jan 26-30, 2012 in Ontario CA

Mr. Bruce Marks, NACA Founder and CEO

Mr. Bruce Marks, NACA Founder and CEO

NACA:  Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

NACA’s Save the Dream Event is back in Southern California and will be at the Ontario Convention Center for 5 days: January 26 to the 30th.

NACA is a non-profit HUD Certified Mortgage Counseling Agency which represents itself to be the largest and most effective advocate for homeowners in the country.   NACA’s Save the Dream Event is a multi-day loan modification event that tours the country.    Most major servicers and  lenders such as Bank of America, CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo, and Chase participate in NACA’s Save the Dream events.

According to Mr. Bruce Marks, NACA’s founder and CEO, its loan modification success rate is 55% at the Save the Dream Event and up to 80% once unfinished loan modifications are finalized after the event.  Judging from the numerous testimonials on its website, NACA is indeed one of the few effective resources to obtain loan modifications.

NACA Save the Dream at Ontario Convention Center

NACA Save the Dream at Ontario Convention Center

In addition to loan modifications, NACA offers future home buyers mortgages at incredible terms such as no down payment, no closing costs, and low  interest rates, even if your credit is not perfect.  Both NACA’s mortgage assistance services and loan modification services are FREE.

Sound too good to be true?  Find out for yourself at NACA’s Ontario Press Conference Wednesday January 24th, noon at the Ontario Convention Center.  Can’t make the press conference?    Check out the numerous video taped testimonials by homeowners at NACA.com.    If you are struggling to make your house payments or to qualify for a mortgage,  you cannot afford to miss NACA’s Save the Dream Event.

NACA’s Ontario California Save the Dream Event  is scheduled as follows:

To learn about the NACA loan modification services and find out what you should bring, see Loan Modifications – NACA’s Save the Dream Tour – Who Qualifies – What to Bring.

For VIP front-of-the-line treatment on your loan modification, be a NACA volunteer.  NACA relies upon hundreds of volunteers each day  to help at the events.  NACA asks that persons utilizing its free services to consider paying it forward by volunteering 8 hours of your time to help at an event prior to utilizing its services.  By volunteering, not only do you help  many others get help with their mortgage problems, but you also receive “VIP” status to speak to a NACA  Counselor on your mortgage issue.

To Volunteer at the upcoming NACA  Ontario Save The Dream event, attend the NACA Ontario Volunteer Meeting on Wednesday January 25, 2012 at 6 p.m. at the Ontario Convention Center.  See  memo from NACA’s Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Moten re: volunteering at NACA’s Ontario CA Save the Dream Event.

If you can’t volunteer at the conference you can help out by speaking out and defending NACA from HUD’s recent attempts to defund NACA.   Why would HUD want to defund one of the only successful programs that helps American Homeowners?  Demand an answer from HUD!


Why is a Strategic Default Good Business Decision for the Banks, But Not for Individual Americans?

Strategic Defaults - the Banks are Doing it, why not Americans?

Strategic Defaults – the Banks are Doing it, why not Americans?

If you can afford to pay your mortgage, but it makes no economic sense to keep the property since its value is substantially less than the mortgage,  should you keep it or walk away?

The banks want Americans to think that making a financial decision to walk away is a morally shameful thing to do.

This begs the question:

If a  “Strategic Default” is good business decision for Morgan Stanley – why is it not a good business decision for the individual American taxpayer?    See Wall Street Journal (12-17-09) : Walk Away News: Morgan Stanley Gives Properties Back to Lender



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